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Essential Video Monitoring with Virtual Copilot

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Location Monitoring

Assists fleet managers in real-time tracking of vehicles and assets, providing insights into their operations.

Enhanced Safety Features

Built-in MIC & Speaker with Echo & Noise
canceling algorithm for two way audio

User-Friendly Devices

15 Minutes Plug & Play Installation,
compact size compatible with all
vehicle type.

Dash Cam Solutions

The HwySmart AD Plus 2.0 Dash Cam enhances driving safety with its blind spot detection and seat belt detection alert. This compact device is essential for improved road awareness and vehicle safety.


modern Fleet Technology


Monitor Driver Behavior in

Utilize video footage when an incident is reported to ascertain the accurate sequence of events.

Onboard Coaching and Consultation

Facilitate remote ride-along sessions with drivers and enable in-cab coaching using live video streams.

Driver Behavior Monitoring in Real-time

Utilize AI detection to identify hazardous driving behavior and receive automatic alerts for instances of speeding.

HwySmart Dashboard

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Protection from Claims

Protect your business from claims with tailored, robust solutions.

Live Coaching

Discover the impact of live coaching with expert guidance and real-time support.

Detect Unsafe Driving

Cutting-edge technology detects unsafe driving, keeping roads secure for everyone.